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The two new wives are sisters also say they have no problems about sharing their husband.

The Muslim imam who performed the marriage rituals offered assurances that polygamous marriages were not against Islam while advising the three wives to stick to their religion and stay close to Allah in whatever they do.

Rev Kaoma, who surreptitiously filmed one of Mr Lively’s seminars, said, “He brought to Uganda this new narrative of the so-called ‘international gay agenda’… ’ But people believed him, [and] the narrative since 2009 has been about protecting children from homosexuals.”That narrative proved compelling.

Many Africans retain a lingering suspicion of the post-colonial West, while appeals to parental instincts are powerful in Uganda, the world’s most youthful nation: 50 per cent of its population is 15 years old or younger.

A Ugandan man is reported to have married two sisters on the same day - in addition to his first wife who he married 20 years ago.

The triple wedding ceremony attracted huge crowds, reported.

For his part, Mr Lively told The Independent that the widely circulate video of his seminar “was selectively edited by a gay activist…

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The groom, a Kampala food vendor identified only as Ssemanda, said he decided to go for the three-in-one option because he lacked the money to pay for separate functions. Good enough, each one has got a home and I promise to work harder and support them,” he was quoted as saying.

Rev Kaoma said American conservatives may have lost the culture wars on the home-front, but they believe they can win in the developing world.

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