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26-Jun-2017 09:40

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Now I'm not saying you can't expect a flock of black women to come running up to you and saying, "OMG!

I saw Pepa hook up with that Asian dude and Asians are totally hot now!

I recently watched a trailer for the second season of The Ultimate Merger.

For those of you that don't know, The Ultimate Merger is essentially a black version of The Bachelorette.

Jay actually has more comments on his single page than any of the white men (and the second more comments of all the contestants) and like I said, people are rooting for him.

I'm sure Jay knows by putting himself out there that he may be subjected to a bunch of shit based off his race, but that didn't stop him from being on this show.

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LOL okay, I'll give you For The Love of Ray J and Flavor of Love but those were both a hot mess.

Regardless of my overall feelings for the show I think the fact that Jay is on this show--and Tom was on Pepa's show--is still pretty important for blasian relations for a few reasons.

For one, these shows are from the perspective of black women and here we have Asian men pursing them.

Some of the comments are from people that claim to know him, but it's the internet so we'll never really know.

He doesn't get much screen time in the trailer; I assume it's because he's probably not one of the crazy ass attention whores you often find on these shows.But it may also allude to the fact that he's not the show for long.