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Most are well educated, have jobs and live with their families.They not only resent the domineering chauvinistic attitude of most Latin men but are also tired of their constant unfaithfulness to their spouses as well. provides a venue in which singles can enjoy their leisure social time by subscribing to our dating services; pursuing romantic connections; enhancing their dating, relationship and romance skills; reading current information on a variety of relevant topics; and enjoying networking with other like-minded singles.

Escazu is home to many North Americans and Europeans.Our customers enjoy travel and like the idea of combining a vacation with meeting beautiful women and hopefully, Ms. The Costa Rican Women we represent range in age from 18 to 50.They are intelligent, poised and while they are happy with their careers and lives, most are displeased with the macho culture of their country and consider foreigners to be “gentlemen”.By combining social media tools such as instant messaging, webcam dating, blogging and You Tube video upload, offers a more interactive dating experience and allows potential couples to get to know each other on a more intimate and safe level.'s significant array of user tools includes traditional instant messaging, internal secure email, apps to customize profile pages, webcam dating , the capability to blog and You Tube video uploads.At face value, this may seem like the cheap way to go.