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The other ordinary processions, as opposed to the extraordinary processions, which the bishop may enjoin or permit as circumstances may call for such a form of public supplication, are specified in the Roman Ritual to be the Procession of Candles on the Purification of our Lady (2 February), that of Palms on Palm Sunday, the greater litanies on the feast of St.

At the "little entrance" the Book of the Gospels is carried in by the deacon accompanied by acolytes bearing torches and two fans.Aubrey, for example, in a pencil note to his "Remaines": "On Rogation Days the Gospells were read in the cornfields here in England untill the Civill wars" (Hazlitt, "Faiths and Folklore", II, 478).The custom of making these processions was kept up seemingly with a view to its utility in impressing upon the memory the boundaries of the parish, and in some places boys were flogged at the boundaries that they might remember the spot in old age.For example a Council of Nantes before the year 900 enjoins that "every Sunday before Mass, each priest is to bless water in a vessel which is clean and suitable for so great a mystery, for the people to be sprinkled with when they enter the church, and let him make the round of the yard [ atrium ] of the said church with the [processional] crosses, sprinkling it with the holy water , and let him pray for the souls of them that rest therein" ( Mansi, "Concilia", XVIII, 173).

In the monastic ceremonials of the same period this holy water procession on the Sunday morning was usually described in much detail. At the present day the Roman Missal, which is the primary liturgical authority for this "Blessing of the people with holy water to be imparted on Sundays " (Benedictio populi cum aqua benedicta diebus dominicis impertienda), says nothing about a procession, though some such progress of the celebrant and assistant clerks around the church very commonly takes place.The pontiff was again surrounded by his deacons and preceded by the subdeacons, one of whom swung a thurible, and a conspicuous feature was the group of seven acolytes carrying tapers, which make us think of the seven candles now lighted on the altar at a pontifical High Mass.

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