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“We knew it had to be quite severe, for him to be quite isolated, to suit the story.” The character is so isolated, with such a haunted look in his eyes, that I wondered at times if real-life stutterers might feel patronized. “Showing it to my friend who grew up with a stutter was one of the most nerve-racking click-send moments of my life.” His friend loved the film, he said, “which was a massive weight off my shoulders.” Two weeks ago, Cleary went to Basel, Switzerland, to attend Look & Roll, a film festival primarily for films that explore disabilities. “We were interviewed by a really nice guy who had a stutter.”When the film was nominated for an Oscar, Cleary was unaware that the shortlist was coming out that day. “The whole thing—the way it happened was just like a magical dream.

Not to sound too cheesy about it.” He keeps the Oscar at his parents’ house. ”)Currently, he’s writing a feature—a sci-fi drama called “Swan Song.” He’s also opened a commercial production studio.

This is what the best of Short Films do and "Stutterer" is one of the best, among this year's Oscar nominees at least (I'd put it a close second to "Day One").

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They studied tapes and came up with rules for the sounds Greenwood would get caught on. “When you make something like this, you’re nervous, and you want to make sure you do it in a very sensitive way.” And you want it to reflect true experience. All we wanted for the film was to get into a couple of festivals.” The experience was wonderful, he said.

'Sing' is a childhood drama with a lot of music, set in 1990s Budapest, Hungary.

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