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Of course, during night times, automatically, I am used to chant the mantra.

Is it not right to chant Gayatri mantra other than the THREE TIMES? Swami Ramswarup: Time will never permit us but we have to command on the time for which this golden opportunity of human life has been blessed by God.

Our leaders and most of the gurus do worship but no peace, no justice, no brotherhood, no respect of women, etc., etc. Swami Ramswarup: When our views are spread unnecessarily it produces mental disturbances and health also.

So please be careful to find a real guru and beware of false prophets. I was among the competent students but for last two years I am facing absent mindedness, lack of concentration, laziness and tiredness of mentality. A student is to concentrate only n study and health, being his moral duty.

They say son is nothing but he has been born as a son.

This is all surprising because it is totally against the Vedas.

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For example, mostly saints say that Shri Ram and Shri Krishna did guru so you also take guru.

Lea: How did Hinduism have an effect on the American law code today? White colour reflects all other colours to all and that is why it is white.