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What gay man would keep going out with the same type of women over and over again?Don't you think if Leo wanted to hide his true sexuality he would just settle with one beard like Travolta or Will Smith?I just want to make a general comment about beards. How the fuck are two people supposed to be dating when they are never together? One of his oldest lovers is that Mark guy whose name I can't remember.

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I remember some flash animation series about two burgulars who review movies made fun of him in one of their clips when he's hosting a pool party with guests who look like girls from the back, but are guys when they turned around.[quote]Well he's pushing 40 and is still unmarried with no kids. During one weekend in January, this multiple Oscar nominee and this one-time Oscar nominee spent some time together. The Male Friend wasn’t at Multiple’s that weekend, but he quickly found out that Multiple was spending the weekend with another man.

Oldest news.[quote]was outed by an actor by the name of Craig Chester in an issue of the gay magazine Genre two years ago.[quote]is continually said to be a real, big queeny girl when he's at parties and other events, and is continually rumored as having been seen in New York and in Los Angeles either with teenage boys or trying to pick them up.[quote]there was a report about the choreographer from Romeo Juliet saying at the Australian premiere of the movie that Leo was "absolutely gay" and that he loves dark-haired men.

Lukas and Leo are as close as brothers - maybe the played around at some point but Leo is super close to Lukas and his brother. Lukas and Leo have benefited from them and they are well-grounded because of them.

Come over tomorrow — let’s hang out.’“That’s a little taste of how cool he is. I think he was inadvertently outing Leo with his comments about hanging out together.

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Zac has openly talked about how much he admires Leo and would love to have a career like his, so meeting him and hanging out would have been a big deal to little Zac. It's not like it's hard to figure out what's bullshit and what isn't.This is probably the third or fourth thread I have posted this on and fits here as well...the later 90's I had a guy on my flight (I am a flight attendant) back to LA from Maui and we were talking and he told me he was hired to sit on a boat for a week that was anchored near the boat that Leo and Tobey were anchored on alone...