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Thus, the second critical area of emphasis for the Rutgers FTF Consortium research agenda is understanding how agricultural and food policies and policy systems help enable and contribute to agricultural transformation.Land is the most important asset the poor have and losing rights to land is one of the most serious obstacles the poor can face to getting out of poverty.LEMU wants to promote a secure and equitable access to land by the poor, especially women, for equitable economic growth and poverty eradication in Uganda.What constitutes such an environment is highly context-specific but it is understood to encompass policies that are non-distortionary, market-friendly, and where the role of the state is limited to correcting market failures and the provision of public goods.

Such generalizations are useful only as policy guides, as the actual formulation and implementation of specific policies will require careful consideration and analysis.The Consortium, which was formed in late 2014, brings together leading experts in agricultural development policy and aspires to be a forum for independent and innovative research on policy analysis.