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The Thunder Bay District is a formal subdivision of the Province of Ontario comprising over 103,000 square km.The amethyst-producing region, within the Thunder Bay District, is located in an area approximately 60 km northeast of the city of Thunder Bay. amethyst with hematite inclusions from the Diamond Willow Mine, Mc Tavish Twp., Thunder Bay District, Ontario Field of view 8.0 cm Just north of Lake Superior, the Thunder Bay District of Ontario is world famous for its distinctive, ancient amethyst crystals.Thunder Bay amethyst has been known since the 19th century, and is remarkable for its variety – it occurs in all shades of purple from pale to deep, from warm to cool hues, it is often further coloured by inclusions (most often red, due to included hematite) and once in a while phantoms are also found.

Black bear out for a summer stroll, Sibley Peninsula, Thunder Bay District, Ontario After the glaciers retreated, the first people moved in to inhabit the lands along the north shore of Lake Superior, approximately 10,000 years ago.

The first was Fort William, which was established in 1803 by the North West Company as a trading post for furs and other goods.

After the merger of North West Company and the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1821, the importance of Fort William as a trading post diminished, although the settlement continued on and became a town.

Once the first railway across the north of Lake Superior was completed in 1885, trains were the major means of land transportation across the region for the next 75 years.

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Mountain type Canadian National Railway train, Fort William, Ontario, December 24, 1957.

It is a long journey to the amethyst mines of the Thunder Bay District, and hopefully this article will bring this beautiful region, its history, geology, mines and collecting experience a bit closer!

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