Dataadapter not updating

09-Nov-2017 15:12

A Data Reader is one such object (i.e., Sql Data Reader, Ole Db Data Reader, etc.).

To work with data via a Data Reader you must first establish a connection to the data store and specify the query to execute.

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Just like a database is comprised of a set of tables, a Data Set is made up of a collection of Data Table objects.

Execute Reader() 'Iterate through the results While my Reader. Close() method returns True if a row was loaded from the database, and False if there are no more rows.

Data Readers are connected data objects because they require an active connection to the database.

Furthermore, a Data Reader is limited to being read-only and forward-only.

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That is, the information retrieved from the database cannot be modified by the Data Reader, nor can the Data Reader retrieve records in a random order.For more on strongly-typed Data Sets, check out my tutorial series Working with Data in ASP. Before I can explain why I choose to use Data Readers over Data Sets in my Web applications, it's imperative that we all have an understanding of the fundamentals of both Data Sets and Data Readers. NET a provider is some source of data, and there exist provider-specific classes for working with particular providers.

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