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There’s a lot of pre, there’s a lot of post, but it’s a lot of vulnerability. I think she’s interested in drama, passion, connection, and dominance and submissiveness, and wanting someone to control what feels uncontrollable to her. As actors, we’re so used to emotional vulnerability, but you feel physically vulnerable at the same time, and luckily Rob [Huebel] and Alia Shawkat, I could not pick better people to play with. It’s interesting, especially if you act stoned at the same time. Getting high that much, that’s how she tries to connect to people; that’s how she lets go. I just was like, “I don’t want to see my boyfriend or someone I love touching anything else.” You brought in a third? According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actors started dating this summer (15), and made their red carpet debut as a couple during the Creative Arts Emmy Awards earlier this month (Sep15), when Whitford picked up an Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series trophy.Although the two are featured in the cast of the acclaimed transgender series, their paths have never crossed onscreen - Whitford's scenes have always been with fellow Emmy winner Jeffrey Tambor in flashbacks, while Landecker plays the daughter of Tambor's character in the present day.Whitford was previously married to actress Jane Kaczmarek, with whom he has three children, while Landecker was married to musician Jackson Lynch., was feeling relaxed and silly at the end of a long press junket for the Amazon show’s fourth season. “I get frustrated a little bit with how much sex Sarah has,” Landecker said. After leaving her husband Len (Rob Huebel) for Tammy (Melora Hardin) and then leaving her, she’s back again with Len — only with a twist, because nothing can be easy with Sarah. But then Sarah does have a moment where she gets worried. I got diverticulitis, which is a colon thing that I now know I have and will have forever, and I got deathly ill. I’m wearing white pants in the scene, and I wore a liner, and we were in Israel, and I was supposed to do the scene with Rob where we’re having sex with Lila by Skype and he’s behind me.

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So if you can do that when things are hard, and wholeheartedly support their relationship with the other parent — you're showing them a certain kind of resiliency.What was it like shooting those sex scenes with Rob Huebel and Alia Shawkat? Not that there usually is, but a lot of it is more vibe and movement. This was like hanging out with two of the funniest people, the coolest people, the kindest people, and then seeing my family on this trip of ours. I know there’s deep stuff that goes on, but it didn’t tax me emotionally in the same way.