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I want to know the year of production and the producer. Would I be better off with the guitar version just change the strings and pick-ups to bass, in which case would the pick-ups accommodate 6 stings? Thanks - Amukcanuk I bought my Ironbird via e Bay, long ago, the most recent NAMM explains current import neck throughs are really just set neck (like a Gibson LP is) and not a full neck through body construction with wings or stringers construction like a USA built guitar, my question is, has this always been true of the budget 'import' line? The guy I bought it from must have had no clue on what he was doing. Anyway I have done tons of research and cant get any actual info about it. it has two vol, one tone kahler flyer 24 fret dot inlays and EMG's play's like a dream and screams like a nightmare.. It has a Floyd rose lisenced tremolo single locking kinda like a 80s model charvel ch-120 bridge, it has 2 knobs 3 way switch and mini switch. Has 22 fret neck OK I have a red platinum series virgin it has a Floyd rose licensed tremolo just like the 80s model charvel ch-120 tremolos it has all gold colored hardware and the serial number is 25580 on the back of the neck plate I can't find the year it was made anywere .

BCRICH RICH Model: 52210674 The design is like the SSSBO signature model The head is the head of Warlock, and the body has the body of RICH. I like the feel of the BC Rich Widow and while there are the three models (guitar, 4-string bass and 5-string bass), is there such a thing as a 6-string bass? so it's a mauve ish, color with a blue pearl under tone numbered B 3836 on the back plate I just really wanted to know the year and origin. OK I have a red platinum series virgin with a reverse headstock and gold colored hardware.

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my x got his stolen, and ive been trying..no avail to find a replacement. It says Handmade in the USA on the back of the headstock with the serial # 89478. the serial # is bc12880 with la california on the neck has active emgs a rosewood 22 fret fretboard with dot inlays on a bolt on neck and a hipshot d tuner (not sure if that was a later addition or not)trying to find out when it was made and if there were other versions like neck through passive pick ups.. picture at: my "made in Europe" Calibre Warlock has two Seymour Duncan humbuckers instead of the Rockfield pick-ups (which should be the regular ones).

Hi, Just a wee bit of background about myself I am 29, and have been playing guitar/bass for 15 years . They beat every competitor in every dep., build quality, sound, variety of woods, pickups etc, support was fantastic and so on. Related News: The Best Heavy Metal Guitars - includes the B. I have owned it since about 2002 and it was bought used and seemed quite old at the time. I've been looking for info on this bass for quite some time. Anyone have a guesstimate of what it may be worth Help identifying- Bought used in 1991/1992 warlock body 1 pickup ,1 control on body"volume", licenses F.

Throughout the years I have had Gibsons, Fenders, Rickies, Yamahas, Ibanez, Washburns etc... The pickups were not working and I had a friend wire the pickups into working condition. R, Grover tuners, neck plate says BO154 All black, headstock reversed "I think, excuse the non technical terms please" Does say American made "no tm by it" Any help ? i have a serial # R 845750 without a bridge or pickups with some damage i was wondering about what year the mockingbird is and about how much it could possibly be worth as it is i have a few pictures on my computer and planing on taking some more sometime soon so send a email to [email protected] your interested in the guitar i'm planning on selling it but wanted some more info on it first I have a BC Rich Beast American Made .

The neck plate cover says BC Rich and serial number is B0133.

I guess he signs all the American Made ones , Well then he passed like 6mos after I got my Guitar rip Bernie , anyway I want a Harley I found one for the right price . How much do you estimate my Guitar is worth maybe a Trade or sale involved . Sweet site good job keep it up who know maybe they will catch wind of it and send ya something sweet .but you should be able to google it and see what the model is going for People,if you ask a question,and people,namely me,offer to help,then at least have the decency to email them/me I'm getting bored of offering to help and getting no replies,pretty soon I'll stop offering,and I know a great deal about B. Riches Lorne:-( I have a Cherry red 4/S bass BC rich, Had it since the early 70's, 2 tuner knobs, Warlock lock body with the 4 key tuners @ straight angle, that is top side/apex- while holding to play. It's a neck thru model with a Kahler tremolo system. i would also like to find a cataloge copy or original with it in there. This guitar was made for me right after BC Rich opted not to make the thru-necks anymore (90/91) so does not have a serial number on it but *is a thru-neck. Since BC RICH staff members told me that in Germany those guitars come out with SD, do you know the exact pick-up model? I bought this bass new in 1978 and have been trying to find it's value. Also, there is no serial number to be found anywhere on it. i have a bc rich S02084921 this is the plate on the back of the body.