As3000 wiring rules online dating

23-Aug-2017 12:07

The actual provisions of the standard are then discussed in detail in the subsequent modules.A working knowledge of basic electrical engineering principles is required.The presentation of this edition differs from previous editions of AS/NZS 3000 in that the Standard comprises two parts but with both parts bound as one document.

Work Cover Queensland is advising stakeholders that transitioning from one edition of the Wiring Rules to the next can affect the compliance requirements for an electrical installation.

(2) A person who installs any part of a low voltage installation must... Testing and certification as listed in AS/NZS 3000, AS/NZS 3760...(2) In these regulations, high-risk prescribed electrical work means the prescribed electrical work (not being low-risk prescribed electrical work) that - (a) comprises or includes the installation, or adjustment of the settings, of any of the following: (i) an extra-low or low voltage installation that does not, or will not, comply with Part 2 of AS/NZS 3000:...

...(b) ensure that the installation complies with t(3) A term used in these regulations and not defined in the Act or these regulations, and to which subclause (2) does not apply, has the meaning given (if any), (a) in the case of installations, in AS/NZS 3000; and ... ...(d) is work on low voltage AC railway signalling equipment except where the equipment has been tested in accordance with ECP 60 and the work has been carried out in accordance with AS/NZS 3000:...(1) A person who installs a domestic installation that has a maximum demand at or below 80 amperes single phase or 50 amperes per phase in multi-phase must ensure that the installation complies with Part 2 of AS/NZS 3000.

...(b) confirm, in the case of an installation under Part 1 of AS/NZS 3000, that the design complies with regulation 59; and...

(3) A declaration of conformity for a revenue meter, if made under this subclause, must— “(a) identify the method of installation to be used; and “(b) confirm that the method complies with Part 1 of AS/NZS 3000; and....

(4) A declaration of conformity signed by a person other than the installer may be treated by the installer as evidence that the design complies with Part 1 or 2 (as appropriate) of AS/NZS 3000.

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